Elizabeth Hurley isn’t overly keen on starring in a fourth “Austin Powers” film.

Hurley, who played sexy British agent Vanessa Kensington in “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” back in 1997, appeared on BuzzFeed News‘ “AM to DM” Wednesday, where she was asked about the much-loved movies.

When questioned if she’d be up for starring in another one, she insisted: “I don’t think anybody wants to step back and try and recreate something when you’re 20 years older.

“I think if there’s a way that something has organically progressed, but I don’t think anybody wants to run around in the costumes they were wearing 20 years ago.”

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Hurley was also asked about her time playing the fictional British queen in the E! series “The Royals”.

The “Runaways” star admitted she’s actually jealous that the real royals get more privacy than she does as a celebrity.

“The real Royal Family, you never see them behind closed doors ever. We only ever see them bestowing nice things on the outside and you never see anything else, unlike people in show business where unfortunately pesky people seem to get behind the scenes all the time.”

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“So actually they’re really lucky because I always think of the Royal Family being sort of like showbiz — really because it is — but with a lot more privacy. Sometimes. Maybe they’ve lost a little lately!”

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