Ryan Reynolds And Co-Stars Talks Bonding On The Set Of Netflix’s ‘6 Underground’

The new Netflix movie “6 Underground” stars Ryan Reynolds as a leader of a team of six vigilantes who form a squad after faking their own deaths in order to take down notorious criminals. Each of the six have unique skills and a desire to erase their past and change the future. ET Canada caught up with the cast in Sao Paulo, Brazil to find out more about the movie’s high-octane car chases.

“We were in that car for a month but it was quite nice because it was what we first started filming,” co-star Adria Arjona says. “And you have Dave Franco, Ryan [Reynolds], me and Melanie [Laurent] stuck in a car, and you’re just bound to become friends.”

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Even with all that time spent in close quarters together, Reynolds insists the cast didn’t get sick of one another.

“Michael Bay creates a chaos on screen and off-screen. Nobody knows what he’s shooting – it’s all in his head, off camera, so particularly, this movie is very analog, it’s an incredible, muscular, driven action movie and it’s a return to form for Michael so he was on edge and trying to deliver,” he says, saying the shooting style “galvanizes the cast.”

“It was a really nice bonding experience because I think we were all going I don’t even know how many miles an hour, with a bunch of explosives, we were all terrified 90 per cent of the time and excited 10 per cent but more than anything it was bonding for us,” Arjona adds.

“There’s a lot of chaos going on but we just get closer,” Reynolds continues. “This cast spent every day and every night together, even after work, we’d be having dinners and drinks.”

On an action-packed film full of explosions, Reynolds admits he used to get nervous early on his career when it came to filming scenes that required a lot of technical action shots and stunts, but now revels in it.

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“I really like that though now – now I do. Earlier in my career, I hated that sort of thing,” he explains. “Like if I had a line and there was a huge explosion – one line – and then the thing happens – it all happens in one take, one shot – you got – this is it. I like that now. But yeah, I used to be terrified of that.”

Reynolds also made an appearance on “Today” to promote the movie, taking the time to joke about the name of his third daughter with wife Blake Lively. The couple has not publicly announced the name of their newest daghter who was born in October.

“We’re gonna be original, and all the letters in her name are silent,” Reynolds jokes in the video below.  “I want to give her something to push against in life.”

“6 Underground” lands on Netflix on Dec. 13.

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