Kevin Hart was scheduled to be the very first guest on the premiere episode of Kelly Clarkson’s new daytime talk show in September but had to cancel after being involved in a serious car accident days earlier.

As a last-minute substitution, Hart’s “Jumanji” co-star Dwayne Johnson stepped in, interrupting his honeymoon to be the first guest on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

On Friday, Hart finally made it, admitting he found it “touching” and “heartwarming” that the Rock filled in at the 11th hour.

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“He did me a big favour, man,” Hart said. “And you know what? It was without me even asking.”

In fact, Hart told Clarkson that Johnson contacted him after the accident and offered to be his stand-in for as many of Hart’s TV appearances as possible while he recuperated.

“He’s a good guy,” Kevin added. “People don’t understand. Our friendship is 100-per-cent real and authentic.”

However, Hart joked that if the situation were reversed, he would not do the same for Johnson. “No, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t do it,” he cracked.

Meanwhile, Johnson got in a joke of his own when Clarkson played a clip from his fill-in appearance when he quipped that Hart was doing well after the accident because he “was strapped in nicely to his car seat.”

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Later in the show, Hart and Clarkson learn how to “chew” wine with the help of a sommelier, and Hart does a good deed of his own by surprising a single mother with a fully furnished apartment. Watch: