Luke Bryan’s mother was ready to call the cops when a rambunctious hug-seeking fan tackled her son right in front of her, not realizing she was the victim of one of the “American Idol” judge’s infamous pranks.

Each year, it’s become a Bryan family tradition to pull elaborate practical jokes in what the country star has dubbed “12 Days of Pranksmas” and this year he targeted his mom, sharing the hilarious results on social media.

In a video he posted on Instagram, Bryan, 43, is seen chatting with his mom when a large woman in Daisy Dukes comes running up towards them.

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“Momma, that’s that girl,” Bryan tells her, having apparently warned his mother as they both begin running away.

“C’mere, c’mere!” the woman shouts as she tackles Bryan to the ground. “I just wanna hug ya!”

Bryan’s mom is joined by a security guard as they both pull the woman off Bryan as his wife, Caroline, runs up to join the fracas.

After Bryan limps off, feigning injury while the fan struggles to escape the security guard pinning her hands behind her back, Bryan walks over and drops the reveal. “Momma,” he says, “12 days of Pranksmas!”

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