Chris Martin is not shy about his Hugh Grant fandom and you would forgive the actor for seeking out a restraining order.

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Martin and Grant recently appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” alongside Michael Buble, Dame Judi Dench, Kelly Rowland and Matthew McConaughey.

“I sent him fan mail as a 40-year-old man,” Martin explained. “I’m gonna tell Hugh I think he’s wonderful. I’ve loved his work after he started 45 years ago. After ‘A Very English Scandal’ and ‘Paddington’I just wrote, Hey, I love you. He replied and was very gracious.”

“Every time I’ve met Hugh he’s very grumpy,” he added. “He’s like, ‘Whatever, rock star, f**k off’And then starts flirting with your other half.”

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It looks like Martin will have to keep an eye on Grant whenever Dakota Johnson is around.