Megyn Kelly Recalls The Hate Mail And Threats She Received After Questioning Donald Trump About His Treatment Of Women

Megyn Kelly is opening up about the way she was treated after questioning Donald Trump one time.

In 2015, Trump was still a presidential candidate and Kelly still working for Fox.

“I wasn’t trying to be unkind to Trump in that moment,” Kelly recalled in the upcoming documentary “America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump” where she speaks about when she asked Trump about his treatment about women.

Megyn Kelly Says She Would Have Made Some Edits To ‘Bombshell’

“I was just doing my job as a reporter. But the way Trump sees media, the way he sees life, is all, ‘They like me, or they don’t like me,’” she added in a preview.

Eric Liebowitz/FOX Image Collection via Getty Images
Eric Liebowitz/FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Kelly had asked Trump if someone hoping to become president should call women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.”

From there, Kelly faced months of backlash, the majority coming from Breitbart News, which was executive chaired by Steve Bannon at the time.

“Fox has chosen a side,” Bannon told “Frontline”. “It’s so evident in that debate that they’re there to kneecap Donald Trump — they’re there to take him out and that’s when we go ‘Okay we run 20 stories on Megyn Kelly.’”

“I got Tony Lee and Matt Boyle my two hammers, they go right after Megyn Kelly we’re going to cull her out from the herd and just hit her nonstop. That’s when all war broke out. That’s when you had to choose sides,” Bannon added.

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The articles aimed at her resulted in hate mail and threats.

“It was scary at times,” Kelly explained. “And Breitbart kept lighting the fire over and over and I had — and have — three young kids and the security threats were escalating and we were doing everything in our power to convey to them that they needed to stop. It was one debate question, just one debate question and he handled it fine! So, get off of it, but they couldn’t care less.”

Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes eventually called in Bannon to try and get him to lay off Kelly but he refused.

“It sounds like a personal problem,” Bannon claimed he told Ailes. “We’re not backing off. We’re going to put some more stories up tomorrow.”

Kelly told the documentary that Ailes tried to help her at the beginning but in the end, sided with viewers who believed all the negative stories about Kelly coming out.

Kelly left Fox News In 2007.

Bannon went onto become the White House Chief Strategist in the Trump administration during the first seven months of his presidency.

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