John Travolta Points Out Aviation Mistake In ‘Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood’

John Travolta is pointing out a historical mistake in “Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood”.

While speaking to The Wrap, Travolta, who holds his pilot’s license, said that there was a minor aviation mistake in the film.

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“Leonardo [DiCaprio] is going home from Italy or wherever he was, and the narrator says that he took a 747,” Travolta explained. “Well, the 747 had its test flight in February 1969, but it went into service in January 1970. They’re nine months off! He would have been on a Boeing 707!”

Despite the mix-up, Travolta said it didn’t take away from the film and he still really enjoyed Quentin Tarantino’s hit.

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“I remember being there in the city when all of this was happening. I remember being scared because of Sharon Tate being killed. It triggered far more real memories than anything from filming ‘Pulp Fiction’,” Travolta added.

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