Fresh off taking home multiple trophies at the Streamy Awards, YouTuber David Dobrik is giving back.

In a new video, Dobrik’s video started with a violent Christmas skit that makes it hard to believe that anything in the video could be positive.

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The clip then takes a turn to Dobrik and fellow YouTube star Erin Gilfoy admitting that she found love on Bumble. There is only one thing to do. Dobrik calls up “the guy who controls the budget at Bumble” and tells him he will keep that shoutout in the video “depending on how much money you have.”

The number given from Bumble was clearly enough because the next morning they head to the bank and take out all the cash so they can “surprise some deserving people.”

Things quickly turn emotional as they make a number of stops including a lady who runs a restaurant as they drop in a wad of cash into her tip jar.

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“That’s yours,” Dobrik said as she questioned, “are you sure?”

Tears were followed by lots of hugs.

Other good deeds included giving flowers to strangers and iPads for all the kids at the Girls & Boys Club.