Gal Gadot Explains Why Wonder Woman Is Leaving Her Sword Behind In ‘WW84’

Wonder Woman is putting away her sword and shield.

Fans noticed in the recent trailer for “Wonder Woman 1984” that the DC hero was no longer carrying her signature weapons and now star Gal Gadot has explained why.

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“Wonder Woman does not carry a weapon. We had an intention to let go of the sword, because there’s something very aggressive with a sword,” she told reporters at a press conference.

“If you have a sword, it means you need to use it,” Gadot continued. “So we wanted to give that up. And we didn’t feel that the shield was necessary either. She’s a goddess, she can fight, she’s super strong, and she has the skills. So no, she has the gauntlets. She has the lasso. She has her tiara and that’s about it.”

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Of course, no sword and shield doesn’t mean “WW84” is skimping on the action. The newest trailer features plenty of hand-to-hand and Lasso of Truth-based combat.


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