Jana Kramer Says Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott’s Relationship Gives Her ‘Hope’

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott appeared on the latest episode of Jana Kramer and her husband Mike Caussin’s “Whine Down” podcast. It’s no surprise that the topic of life upon infidelity was brought up.

“Doing [True Tori] really got us together and got us talking right away, which was great. Looking at it now, sort of solving your problems in the town square – there’s a price to it,” Dean said during the episode. “Everyone can chime in. We were doing it with the thought of getting through it ourselves but also helping others. But with that, we weren’t thinking of all the backlash and the haters and all the naysayers.”

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Tori and Dean are committed to their loving vows more than ever, regardless of the tabloid headlines and cynics.

“We did it and the great thing is we worked it out and we’re together and things are stronger and better than ever,” McDermott continued to share.

Caussin jumped in, commenting, “That sounds so identical and parallel and familiar for us.”

McDermott and Caussin’s cheating scandals share a lot in common – both stories first broke news in the tabloids and were each sold to the press by former friends.

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To make matters worse, Dean and Tori’s scandal was revealed hours before Christmas.

“[Mike] and I, we shouldn’t have been doing what we were doing but it didn’t need to play out that way and our story broke Christmas Eve,” Dean recalled. “It’s all my fault but it’s done.”

Kramer and Spelling could also relate – the two were both questioned on their morals, specifically why they would choose to stay with a cheater.

“Tori would get comments and especially on social media. Tori would get a lot of flak for [staying]. That’s something she had to work through. She’s so strong,” said Dean. “It’s turned. Now a lot of people say, ‘We’re so glad you stayed together. You’re a great example.’ As guys, we want to fix everything and be done…that’s not going to happen in this situation.”

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Before the open conversation ended, McDermott acknowledged Caussin and Kramer’s relationship. “Guys, keep up the good work. Three and a half years out? That’s awesome that you’re still together,” he said. “Awesome work.”

Jana responded, “You’ve been our beacon of hope so thank you.”

The full interview can be listened to on iHeartRadio’s “Whine Down” podcast.

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