Ahead of the world premiere of “Cats”, Taylor Swift sat down with Variety where she revealed that one of the scenes in the film was inspired by her father.

The scene features Swift’s Bombalrina lounging in a hammock sprinkling the cats below at the Jellicle Ball with catnip.

Swift recalled how director Tom Hooper had flown out to Nashville to show her what she would like once all the CGI was in place.

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Her parents came along for the meeting where her dad, described as “the most social, friendly man in the world”, spoke up because he had “lots of ideas.”

“And so in the middle of this meeting, Dad just pipes up and says, ‘Hey, I got an idea. What if you had a scene where they are all at the Jellicle Ball and they all get catnipped so they all just start going crazy?’” Swift recalled.

It turns out Hooper didn’t know what catnip was until the entire room started showing him videos of cats on catnip from YouTube.

“Tom looks at Dad and goes, ‘That’s going to be in the movie. That’s exactly what we’re going to do.’ So my dad walks around going, ‘Hey, I’m the reason there’s catnip in the scene,” the singer continued.

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This isn’t the first time Swift’s father has expressed his ideas during meetings, the “You Need To Calm Down” singer revealed that when he was the parental chaperone when she first started out he would stop meetings for ideas he had.

“My dad would always, in the middle of the meeting, have an idea he’d want to tell people about. I’d be like: ‘Dad, Dad stop!’” she added. “For the first time, one of his mid-meeting bursts of inspiration has really turned into something. It’s a really good moment for my dad.”

“Cats” opens in theatres on Dec. 20.