The “Fuller House” family is paying respects to one of their own.

“Fuller House” star and dog-extraordinaire Cosmo passed away due to complications from surgery. The official “Fuller House” Twitter handle announced the passing on Monday in a sweet tribute.

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“We’re sad to share that the Fullers’ faithful dog Cosmo, who grew up on our set, passed away after complications from surgery,” the Netflix series’ social media handle shared. “There will never be another quite like our boy.  We’ll miss him forever.”

Actress Candance Cameron-Bure also honoured the good doggo on social media.

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“Our sweet boy Cosmo is now running around in doggie heaven. I imagine he’s playing with Comet right now,” she tweeted. “Cosmo has been in ‘Fuller House’ since the start and we are heartbroken that he passed away during surgery complications. You’ll be so missed love bug.”

The first half of “Fuller House” season five premiered Dec. 6. The second half will premiere sometime in 2020.