Lionel Richie Drops In On Daughter Sophia’s Makeup Tutorial

Lionel Richie has some pretty good and simple beauty tips.

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This week, the legendary singer’s daughter Sofia Richie posted a new skincare and makeup tutorial video for Vogue.

In a special surprise, Lionel himself made a cameo about eight minutes in.

“My dad probably gets his nails [done], hair [done] and facials more than me. I aspire to be like him,” Sofia said before he popped into frame. “He’s obsessed with skincare. He’s the person who will come to me and say, ‘I love you, your skin looks dry. Maybe you need a facial?’”

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“I am so sorry!” Lionel said.

Sofia asked him if he had his own beauty routine to share with the audience and he offered a straightforward: “Sleep and water, and I guess that’s all I need to do. Bye bye.”


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