Listeners of BBC Radio 1’s “The Greg James Morning Show” shared their terrible “bleak morning stories” — so Chris Martin could transform their lousy experiences into catchy pop ditties.

That was the purpose of the Coldplay frontman’s Tuesday appearance on the show, when host Greg James asked his viewers to share tales of the worst mornings they’ve ever had, with Martin tasked with using those experiences as the basis for a song he’d write on the spot.

The stories were hilarious, with one caller recalling the time she woke up at 4 a.m. to start a new job — only to realize that she didn’t start until the following week.

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“That was the best thing ever!” the caller exclaimed when Martin performed the song telling her sad tale of morning woe.

Another caller recounted accidentally dropping an asthma inhaler into the toilet, while another woke up with a neck full of hickeys on the morning he was scheduled to appear in front of 100 preschoolers, their parents and the school’s staffers.

“I don’t really think that’s a problem. I can’t really do something unless I really sympathize — and I don’t,” quipped Martin of that particular complaint. “That’s a luxury problem. That’s not bleak at all. That’s just awesome. Put a scarf on and stop moaning.”

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You can witness Martin’s musical handiwork in the video above.