“The Office” may be more real than people know.

In one of the most popular episodes from Season 2 of the hit sitcom, boss Michael Scott left Jim in charge of Dunder Mifflin for the day and Jim decided to make the most of it by hosting an Office Olympics.

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As it turns out, the episode actually took inspiration from real life events.

Stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey revealed the fact in the latest episode of their “Office Ladies” podcast.

Apparently the episode was based on an experience showrunner Greg Daniels had while working on an animated sitcom with assistant Tim Cronston.

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“Tim was the mastermind, the self-appointed commissioner… the Jim,” Kinsey explained. “They marched through the hallways, they had like a banner that each team carried. They had like a full opening ceremony, and you know the doves that you see at the end for our closing ceremonies? They had that. They had doves that went across.”

There were a number of games, including “Guess The Elevator” and a Twinkie eating contest.