Sharon Osbourne, 67, Shows Off Results Of Her Fourth Facelift, Admits ‘It Hurt Like Hell’

Sharon Osbourne showed off the results of her fourth facelift during an appearance on Wednesday’s “Loose Women”.

The 67-year-old admitted the operation “hurt like hell” as she chatted with the panel.

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According to the Sun, she said: “When people say it doesn’t hurt, believe me it hurts.

“[Daughter] Kelly told me when I came out of the operating theatre I was going ‘Help me, help me’ because it was so bloody painful.”

Osbourne also said she had “two weeks of looking like Elvis [Presley]” because of what the surgery made her lip look like.

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She continued, “Ozzy’s going: ‘Is that what you wanted?’ I was like, ‘I don’t want to look like that, no!’

“He goes, ‘You know you look like Elvis Presley, don’t you?'”

Osbourne added that her doctor pulled everything “to the top” of her head and “put an elastic band” there to make everything stay in place.

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