Kate Beckinsale Opens Up About That Time She Was Asked To Lose Weight For Her Role In ‘Pearl Harbor’ 

Kate Beckinsale is as real as it gets in her Women’s Health cover issue.

The 46-year-old actress opens up about her sensible diet, near-daily workouts and the double standards women are facing today when it comes to dating and having fun.

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The “Underworld” actress says she often feels misunderstood by the media, which impacts the way she’s perceived by others. Beckinsale admits that she’s “not a social media person” but feels like she can truly communicate what she’s really like through Instagram, noting, “it’s nice to have this little corner that’s my vibe.”

Photo: Ben Watts for Women’s Health
Photo: Ben Watts for Women’s Health

When talking about her body, it’s obvious that Beckinsale sticks to a strict diet. The actress consumes not an ounce of caffeine or alcohol in order to keep healthy.

“I think some people’s systems are just a bit sensitive to things,” says the actress. “If you told me you had nausea yesterday, I might start throwing up myself. If I ate too much dark chocolate, it would be like someone else taking cocaine.”

Beckinsale explains that she is very in tune with her body, “I’m very connected to my body, so if I’m going to experience stress, I’m probably going to experience it physically. So it’s usually a good idea for me to go do something physical to get rid of it. I kind of have to think of myself as a horse or something – time for a run around the paddock.”

Photo: Ben Watts for Women’s Health
Photo: Ben Watts for Women’s Health

Although Kate is very fit at this point in her life, she recalls that there was a time when she wasn’t active at all. In fact, she reveals that she didn’t start working out until her 20s when, in 2001, director Michael Bay asked Beckinsale to lose weight for her role in “Pearl Harbor”.

“It wasn’t great. It didn’t make me feel good, and in general, I think women are body-shamed 100 million per cent more than men,” she reveals. “But on this particular project, I wasn’t. Ben [Affleck], who’d already done a movie with the director, was like, ‘This happened to me. They made me get new teeth.’ And I was like ‘Cool, at least I get to hang on to my teeth.’”

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But the star says hitting the gym takes on a whole new meaning: “Now exercise is almost more important to me moodwise. The other aspects feel like a great side effect.” Beckinsale works out six mornings a week with her trainer Brad Siskind.

Photo: Ben Watts for Women’s Health
Photo: Ben Watts for Women’s Health
Photo: Ben Watts for Women’s Health
Photo: Ben Watts for Women’s Health

When the conversation switched to love and relationships, the British actress shared her unique perspective on marriage: “I think more people would do well married if they didn’t have to live in the same house. Being married is kind of easy, but the living-with-the-person thing is a lot.”

She continued to explain why living with a significant other is challenging, “I also think that for women especially – and this is generalizing – but I think it’s common for us to mentally subjugate our needs to whoever else is in the room. So if you’ve got a husband, a boyfriend, kids, or parents, it’s so easy to come in with an idea of what you’d like to do, and then end up going, ‘Oh no, no, no, it’s fine.’”

“It’s quite nice to not always have to negotiate that,” says Beckinsale, admitting that sometimes she just craves a little alone time.

Beckinsale knows what it’s like to want quiet the mind in the midst of the public eye, especially following her split from “SNL” star Pete Davidson.

“If everyone’s sh***ing on you, it can make you kind of ugh for a minute – especially if there’s really nothing wrong,” she says. If you’re strangling a squirrel or hurting someone, I get it, but living one’s life in a reasonably respectful manner shouldn’t invite anyone to get too excited.”

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Beckinsale’s January/February issue of Women’s Health is on newsstands Dec. 31.

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