Ryan Reynolds tells Jimmy Fallon to “get the f**k out” of his house in a new “Tonight Show” skit.

Reynolds plays a guy who has had his guests over for the past seven hours but is now ready for them to leave.

He’s tried things like commenting on the time and over-the-top yawning, but people are not getting the hint in the hilarious commercial.

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Reynolds even stands up and says he better be getting home because it’s so late, before announcing he can’t as it’s his house.

None of this works, so he pulls out the “Get the F**k Out of My House Candle”, which comes in a variety of scents, including “Old Shrimp”, “Egg Fart”, and many more.

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The unwanted guests leave in no time.

A voiceover says, “This Christmas let your guests know, it’s time to f**king leave.”

See more in the clip above, and see Reynolds talk about his new flick “6 Underground” below.