The “Mad About You” reboot might feature a cameo appearance from one of the stars of “Stranger Things”.

According to Helen Hunt, a “Stranger Things” star will pop by “Mad About You” – and she’s not talking about her co-star Paul Reiser who also appeared in season 2 of the Netflix series.

The on-screen couple dropped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to tease the rebooted TV series this week. “Mad About You” originally aired from 1992 to 1999.

“We can’t totally say, but it’s possible someone from ‘Stranger Things’ appears in an episode of the reboot. You’ll have to check it out,” Hunt slyly says. “Other than Paul,” she adds.

“That would be disappointing. ‘We knew he was in it,'” Reiser jokes.

Hunt revealed her daughter didn’t think much of “Mad About You” or recognize Reiser’s name, but when she spotted the actor in the kitchen, Hunt earned some points with her daughter.

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“That got you some pull, ‘Mad About You’ not so much,” Reiser quips in response.

Despite it being 20 years since the series’ original run ended, Reiser and Hunt say they still know each other’s quirks pretty well, including Hunt’s desire for Fritos and a Diet Coke on set.

Joking around that when the actress is brought a salad for lunch, Reiser tells the person, “I know she asked for a salad but trust me.”

The actors found it easy to get back in the groove on set, picking up where they left off in 1999.

“It felt odd that it did not feel odd,” Reiser explains about walking back on set. “It felt like we had taken a weekend off.”

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