Rebel Wilson Moans About ‘D**k’ James Corden As Pair Attend ‘Cat School’ With Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson & More

The stars of “Cats” attend “Cat School” in a new “Late Late Show” clip.

With it being James Corden’s show, he obviously labels himself “head cat,” something which doesn’t go down incredibly well with the students.

All dressed in cat costumes, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Rebel Wilson and Francesca Hayward all attend the classes, lead by director Tom Hooper.

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Derulo says of his latest role, “Being a cat is a lot like being an actor. You sleep for most of the day then scream at somebody if you need to and eat a can of tuna. You can do whatever you want.”

As Corden makes the group sip out of a bowl of milk on the floor, use the litter box, and go through a cat flap, Wilson says when asked what kind of cat she would call him: “I’d call him a total d**k.”

Swift adds to the camera: “I was just recently named artist of the decade, but after people see me lap up milk from that giant saucer I am pretty sure they will take that away.”

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See who gets crowned with the “best in show” award in the clip above.

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