Young Dylan is learning all about rap from the legend himself.

On Friday’s episode of the Ellentube original digital series “Young Dylan’s Mixtape”, the 10-year-old rapper was surprised by none other than the multi-talented Will Smith.

The pair began by chatting about Smith’s new animated movie “Spies In Disguise” before the “Gemini Man” star dished out some advice to Young Dylan.

“Team building is one of the most powerful aspects of success,” Smith said. “One bad person on your team could ruin the whole process, so teamwork makes the dream work.”

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After Dylan jokingly suggests that a gorilla could do some of that work, Smith drops some more “deep” wisdom.

“Never hire a gorilla to do a man’s job.”

“But it is kind of good because you don’t have to pay them,” Dylan responds.

“That was deep, what I just said,” Smith exclaims. “You going to skip over that when I’m dropping wisdom?”

You can watch the full adorable and hilarious encounter up top.