Jennifer Lopez is extremely excited to be performing at the Super Bowl in 2020.

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The “Hustlers” star is set to appear on “CBS Sunday Morning” this weekend, and in a preview of the interview, she talks about getting to do the halftime show with Shakira in Miami in February.

“It’s like winning the Oscar,” Lopez said. “It’s the biggest show that there is. It has the biggest audience. You get to have this big production. You don’t get to do that on tour. Everything’s like, budget-conscious and ‘You can do this and you can do that.’ It’s a different experience and I think it’s just like a fantasy for all musical artists to be able to play the Super Bowl and have that 12 minutes of an amazing show. I don’t know. There’s just something exhilarating about it.”

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Lopez also confirmed that she and Shakira will perform individually as well as together, and that they will sing in English and Spanish.

“It’s in Miami and we’re both Latin artists,” she said. “We bring that flavour.”

The 54th Super Bowl will air live on Feb. 2, 2020.