Tori Spelling is setting the record straight.

On Friday, the actress posted Christmas photos with her family all dressed in matching pyjamas on Instagram.

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Some people, though, weren’t feeling the holiday spirit, accusing her of using her family in paid promotional social media posts.

“I wonder if your kids get tired of being directed and produced for these paid promotions,” one commenter wrote.

Spelling wasn’t having it, though, responding, “The answer is no bc we weren’t paid for anything in this picture. This is our tree and these are their jammies. Is that ok with you?”

“Is there anything this family will not do or wear for money! Wow, these poor kids,” wrote another commenter.

Spelling replied again, “Just FYI we were not paid for anything in this picture. No exchange of $ at all. We are just complete fans of these products.”

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Another commenter added, “It is sad how you use your children to promote yourself and make money. Do what you gotta do but make the kids make their decisions when they are old enough to.”

And the actress pushed back again, “Didn’t make any $ from this picture and not promoting anything aside from sharing our actual lives. This is us. Please make informed judgements [sic].”