Whitney Cummings finds the terminology around the holidays a bit stressful.

Earlier this week, the comedian made an appearance on Conan where the conversation obviously turned to Christmas. Cummings took the opportunity to tell a story of the time she got in trouble at work for saying, “Merry Christmas”.

“Last year, I was working on a TV show, got in trouble with human resources for saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to an intern,” she said, explaining that she said it to everyone while leaving the office for winter break. When she returned to work in January, she was pulled into HR.

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“They were like, ‘Hey, we need to talk to you. One of the interns is pissed off that you said Merry Christmas,'” she added.

Cummings went on to say that she was told the co-worker was agnostic.

“Had I known this person was agnostic, that would mean we were in a relationship. That would mean we were intimately connected. I don’t know who believes in God and who doesn’t. I also can’t guess either. I can’t guess your holiday by what you look like. That’s offensive, that’s very offensive. I can’t be like, ‘Hey Mary, Happy Hanukkah!'”

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After making headlines for this story, one of Cummings fellow comedians, Chris D’Elia, tweeted his concern over her being reported to HR.

That’s not the only thing she got busted for around the holidays.

“I recently got in a fight with someone, because I re-gift,” Cummings admitted, adding that she gave her friend a Kindle e-reader that had her name engraved on the back. “I’ve always re-gifted, my family has a very strong tradition of re-gifting.”