Back in 2017, “X-Men” fans were excited to see the trailer for a new spinoff movie “The New Mutants” that would introduce a group of fresh young super-powered mutants to carry the franchise forward.

More than two years later, the film has yet to come out, reportedly shelved in the midst of the Fox-Disney merger, with its release date pushed back indefinitely.

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However, excitement returned when the film was listed as one of several films set to be released next year, with “The New Mutants” now scheduled to hit theatres in April 2020.

One of the film’s stars, Charlie Heaton, appeared at the For the Love of Sci Fi fan convention in Manchester, England, where he was asked about when the film would be coming out.

“I don’t know,” he joked about the new release date. “No, it’s coming out next year, but we filmed it almost two years ago,” he added, as reported by the X-Men Films blog. “It’s the release [date] that’s been moved quite a while.”

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The “Stranger Things” star explained the premise of the upcoming movie. “If you don’t know, ‘The New Mutants’ is like an ‘X-Men’ spinoff,” Heaton said. “It was a comic book; [artist] Bill Sienkiewicz did it and it was an ‘X-Men’ comic. It’s basically like a separate bunch of mutants. We shot this a while back and its been pushed because Fox has now merged with Disney.”

In addition to Heaton, other stars of “The New Mutants” include Antonio Banderas, Maisie Williams, Anna Taylor-Joy and Alice Braga.

Look for “The New Mutants” to hit theatres on April 3, 2020.

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