Angry Mark Consuelos Causes Scene At High School Wrestling Match When He Confronts Son’s Opponent

Everybody’s heard stories of parents who get way too invested in their children’s sporting events, leading to ugly, embarrassing incidents.

According to a video obtained by TMZ, Mark Consuelos is apparently one of those dads.

In the video, the “Riverdale” star is seen exiting the bleachers and jumping onto the mat during son Joaquin’s wrestling match, confronting his 16-year-old son’s opponent after he tore off Joaquin’s headgear.

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Consuelos, 48, can be seen exchanging words with the teenager while walking toward him until an adult pulls him away.

As Consuelos heads on the mat, a spectator can be heard saying, “No way! No way! Are you crazy or what?”

The spectator adds, “Hey, be cool! It’s a f**king high school wrestling match.”

Consuelos then turns and walks back to his seat.

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According to TMZ, eyewitnesses at the match confirm that Consuelos’ wife, Kelly Ripa, was also at the match, but “kept her cool” while her husband apparently did not.

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