It’s always difficult being in the public eye but it’s even harder when your as big a star as Jennifer Lopez.

On an episode of “CBS Sunday Morning“, the “Hustlers” star opened up about the negative impact of always being in the tabloids, especially when it came to some of her past relationships. Lopez was known for dating mega-stars like Marc Anthony, Sean Combs, and Ben Affleck which made her love life a point of interest for the press.

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“I was, you know, talked about in a way that discredited any sort of talent I had,” she said about the way in which her love life was always in the tabloids as opposed to her musical or acting career. “And it was hard because I started thinking, well, maybe I am a fraud. And I think most artists go through that anyway. But here I was, like, it was being magnified.”

While Lopez said she tried not to let the negative attention affect her self-esteem or self-value, it often did.

“You also feel a little bit helpless,” she added. “How do I counter all of this stuff that’s being said?”

That doesn’t mean she didn’t value her relationships though. The “Jenny From the Block” singer went on to say that each relationship was genuine and real because she truly did fall in love with those men. She also learned from them.

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“I felt like it was necessary, like he was meant to be in my life at that moment to teach me what I needed to know about the music business, about what kind of artist I wanted to be,” she said about Puff Daddy.

However, with age comes wisdom and JLo has learned how to deal with the tabloids.

“Doesn’t matter what anybody says. I know who I am. And that’s who I have to be. And I work on being the best person I can be every day.”

You can catch the full interview here.

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