Kenan Thompson is thankful for his fans this holiday season.

Following Saturday night’s epic “Saturday Night Live” featuring the return of Eddie Murphy and guest appearances of Dave Chappelle, Tracy Morgan and Chris Rock, a photo of the four icons and the “SNL” star made its rounds on the Internet.

But as Thompson’s fans noticed, the comedian was cut out of some of the pics from the live broadcast.

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“Before you disrespect Kenan Thompson and crop him out of this photo, remember that this man has a 26-year long career — the bulk of it on ‘SNL’,” one fan defended.

While another added, “I grew up watching ‘Good Burger’, ‘Kenan & Kel’, ‘All That’, then as an adult watching him on ‘SNL’. He is a legend and deserves more respect than he gets. It’s disrespectful to crop him out and says a lot about you.”

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Thompson soon caught wind of the “love” and thanked his loyal fans.

“It’s so very nice to see the love that’s being shown here today,” he wrote to Twitter. “I really needed that! Glad y’all see me! Last night was legendary and I’m glad y’all feel I deserved to be in it!”

“Saturday Night Live” returns Jan. 25 on Global with host Adam Driver and musical guest Halsey.