A group of brawling bikers are no match for the beer-drinking, butt-kicking “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

The six-time WWF champion makes a surprise appearance in Bad Bunny’s music video for “¿Quien Tu Eres?” The song is featured on the Latin star’s debut studio album X 100PRE.

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In the video, Bunny and his cohort Chucheto pull up to a diner in a big rig truck. They get into a tense encounter with a number of bikers and quickly depart. Unsatisfied with the rappers’ attempts at conflict resolution, the bikers give chase.

Bunny and Chucheto eventually pull over and engage in a brawl with the bikers. Overwhelmed by the numbers, Chucheto calls in the cavalry. The back of the truck opens and Austin emerges.

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“Stone Cold” and the rappers rough up the goons and send them packing. In traditional Steve Austin style, “Stone Cold” and Bad Bunny cheers cans of beer and proceed to guzzle them.

X 100PRE dropped last December and features collaborations with Drake and Diplo, among others.