Seth Rogen is clearly a fan of “The Price is Right”.

On Monday, the actor and comedian made a special appearance on the game show to help raise money for his charity in support of Alzheimer’s disease, Hilarity For Charity (HFC). For every dollar value won by contestants on the show, an equal amount would be donated to HFC. In the end, $69,000 was raised for his charity.

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The Vancouver-native had fun with contestants by playing games like “Cliff Hangers” and “That’s Too Much”. He even handed out some advice during the game “Switch” where players had to guess the prices of a trip to Vail, Colorado and Vancouver.

“I’m from Vancouver. It’s very expensive there. Switch!” he said.

During a game of “Hole in One”, he also encouraged contestants, saying, “Don’t let me down!”

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All of this was part of the show’s holiday special called “The Price is Right at Night: A Holiday Extravaganza with Seth Rogen”. Instead of airing at 11:00a.m., it took up a special temporary prime time slot at 8:00p.m.

Rogen also got to spin the big wheel and present one of the final showcase showdowns.

On Sunday, the show aired another special called “The Price is Right At Night: A Holiday Extravaganza With The Cast Of SEAL Team”. Winnings during this show went to the Headstrong Project which provides mental health treatment for 9/11 survivors and their families.