As he cherishes his first Christmas with his dream family, Nick Carter is enjoying the most precious and priceless holiday gift — his “miracle” baby girl Saoirse Reign’s first giggles!

Following a long road overcoming pregnancy struggles and heartbreaking miscarriages, the Backstreet Boys singer and his wife, Lauren, welcomed the little girl in October and are relishing every second.

“She’s such a good baby — she’s so sweet, she’s starting to smile and this morning she was almost laughing at Nick!” Lauren, 36, tells us during the couple’s first joint interview since Saoirse’s arrival. “It feels like our family’s complete now and the way it’s supposed to be.”

Lori Dorman
Lori Dorman

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“She’s everything I dreamed of and more, and definitely our miracle baby,” adds Nick, who also has a 3-year-old son, Odin Reign, with Lauren. “We’re so thankful and blessed to have her in our lives. She’s a bundle of joy and happiness, and so different to Odin. Having a little girl is different — the way she looks at you, the contact she makes and the smiles. It’s so rewarding and we’re just living in this family moment and enjoying every minute.”

With Nick, 39, having wrapped up a busy year which saw the Backstreet Boys continue to ride their nostalgia-fueled resurgence — releasing their chart-topping 10th studio album, DNA, earning a GRAMMY nomination for “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” wrapping up their record-breaking Larger Than Life Las Vegas residency and kicking off their DNA World Tour — Nick is now happily home for the holidays.

In between making Odin pancakes for breakfast, running around doing Christmas errands, tweeting fans and teasing new solo music, he filled us in on how the first Carter family Christmas since Saoirse’s arrival is unfolding.

Lori Dorman
Lori Dorman

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The foursome have been joined by Lauren’s father and her sister, Alexandra, as well as Nick’s sister Angel, her husband Corey and their adorable 1-year-old daughter, Harper, in Nevada, where Lauren got busy transforming their home into a festive wonderland, which she jokes is so lit up it can be spotted from space.

“Lauren likes to go over-the-top,” Nick laughs. “We have a 20-foot tree, which I help put ornaments on, then there’s all the lights. I’m trying everything I can to not end up like one of the ‘National Lampoon’ movies, falling off the roof of the house. You can’t miss us in the neighbourhood. The lights are crazy — thankfully we have solar panels, so we’re not taking from the grid too much!”

Lori Dorman
Lori Dorman

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Festivities have been heightened this year, now that Odin’s old enough to understand the holidays better.

“This year’s a lot different because Odin was a part of the decorating, he has his own tree and his bed looks like a cabin so he decorated it with lights and ornaments,” Lauren shares. “He [couldn’t] wait until his cousin Harper [arrived.] It’s really fun because Odin gets [Christmas] now and Harper’s old enough to start opening presents. And, we just have a lot to be thankful for and celebrate, so it’s a really special Christmas.”

Christmas has been very important to our family throughout the years and now, because we have young children, we’re able to establish new memories that they’ll be able to carry for the rest of their lives,” Nick adds. “You can see it on their faces that it’s all new to them. Odin believes Santa is real and I want to keep it that way as long as possible. He is real! Well, Saint Nick is real and he lives in that house!”

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With the cutie Carter cousins reunited, the clan are baking cookies, writing letters to Santa which “elves will collect” from Lauren’s hand-crafted Santa’s Mailbox, and planning to enjoy a Mexican meal on Christmas Eve, then a traditional roast on the big day. “I’m about to pick up the roast now,” Nick says, while running around doing his Christmas shopping, admitting he always leaves it until the last minute.

The singer adds that blending his own traditions with Lauren’s has been an “exciting” part of the couple’s relationship, which started with their first date watching the movie, Big, before tying the knot in 2014.

“When I met Lauren 11 years ago, she introduced me to traditions I wasn’t used to, like the Mexican tradition of trading gifts the night before,” Nick says. “I get a different flavour of Christmas that I wasn’t used to and it’s awesome.”

Lori Dorman
Lori Dorman

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“Our big celebration is Christmas Eve and everybody opens one present,” adds Lauren, who’s part-Mexican. “Then because we have a large family, we do a secret Santa, where we draw numbers, open the gifts and people vie for which ones they want.”

Speaking of gifts, Nick has already pre-ordered himself a Britney Spears Funko doll (along with a Backstreet Boys set!) however his ultimate Christmas wish has been fulfilled by simply getting to spend the holidays at home with his children, before the Backstreet Boys resume touring everywhere from Mexico to New Zealand in 2020.

Having publicly ridden endless hurdles together, including grief, loss, multiple miscarriages (including the baby girl Lauren miscarried in September 2018) and family drama which spurred Nick to call for peace and love in a pre-Christmas tweet, there’s not a moment of their festive bliss that the couple are taking for granted, especially now Saoirse is here.

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“This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” Lauren reflects on the challenges the couple have faced. “We went through our struggles to get where we’re at, so I don’t regret anything we’ve gone through. It’s made us stronger. And, I believe Saoirse came back to us. She’s a miracle baby and we worked hard for her, waited for her and to have her here is awesome. Even the hard times feel worth it because we wanted her so much and fought for her, so when I wake up every two hours to breastfeed and don’t get any sleep, I just smile at her.”

“For me, Saoirse is an example of how we all have struggles in our lives,” Nick adds. “People are always going through problems, but Saoirse shows how if you keep fighting — even though things can be dark at times — there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Good things happen as long as you keep pressing forward and staying positive and grateful. That’s what being a human being’s all about and we’re just grateful she came back to us.”

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