The Fox News panel is not impressed with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation after they cut out U.S. President Donald Trump’s cameo in 1992’s “Home Alone 2: Lost In New York” for broadcast.

According to a spokesperson at CBC, Trump’s single line was edited for time, not politics.

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But “Fox And Friends” panellist Mark Steyn called the edit “deranged”.

“I think they’re actually terrified that people will remember that before he was the new Hitler, he was a beloved mainstream cultural figure,” he said. “That’s who Donald Trump was before he was the new Hitler. I think they’re terrified of these little things that will remind people just how deranged his opponents are.”

Katie Pavlich, another contributor for “Fox And Friends” added that it was simply “censorship.”

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Trump regularly references his short cameo, most recently he called the sequel to 1990’s “Home Alone” starring Macaulay Culkin “one of the biggest” Christmas hits.

“A lot of people mention it every year, especially around Christmas,” he said during a call to U.S. troops overseas. “They say – especially young kids – they say, ‘I just saw you on the movie.’ They don’t see me on television as they do in the movie, but it’s been a good movie and I was a little bit younger, to put it mildly, and it was an honour to do it.”

As an avid Fox News viewer, the president eventually caught wind of the CBC’s action, and shared his feelings via Twitter — by bizarrely claiming his cameo was cut because Canadian PM Justin Trudeau “doesn’t much like my making him pay up on NATO or Trade!”

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