Evan Rachel Wood Really Did Not Like ‘Cats’ Film: ‘What The F**k! What The F**k!’

Wow, Evan Rachel Wood really did not like “Cats”.

The “Westworld” actress completely trashed the critically-panned musical movie on Instagram and on Twitter. The tweet was later deleted.

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“I have to have an actual live reaction of this,” Wood, 32, said in an Instagram Story. “What the f**k! What the f**k! What the f**k!.. What? What the f**k. Oh my god!”

On Twitter, media personality Eric Goldman told Wood, “I felt like I was on acid watching it. So utterly bizarre.” Wood replied, “Totally! Like my life is not in danger, but I feel like I’m going to die.”

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She was even more critical in a now-deleted tweet which was re-published by DailyMail: “#Cats is actually worse than I thought it would be, And I already thought it would be horrible. But… I am actually speechless. Why would you change the choreography? I… am SPEECHLESS. It’s not the cast’s fault. Its… maybe the worst thing I have ever seen. Ever.”

Wood later explained why she deleted that tweet, admitting she stands by her review but deleted it “because I don’t want people to think it was aimed at the actors/dancers. They are probably getting enough negative feedback from the film. Which is a shame. They were so innocent.”

“Cats” currently has only an 18 per cent approval rating by critics on Rotten Tomatoes and 56 per cent audience approval.

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