BTS member Jeon Jungkook is at it again with another stunning vlog.

Known for his directing and video editing skills, Jungkook has been creating a vlog collection of his band’s travels which mostly focus on the beautiful landscape of whichever city they happen to be in at the time. His bandmates also make appearances in the videos but the only sound comes from the music playing over top of the breathtaking visuals.

In his latest video released on Friday, the “Golden Maknae” gives fans a glimpse of Helsinki, Finland where BTS travelled to last month for a photoshoot. In between gorgeous shots of Helskini, viewers see clips of the members of BTS seemingly fighting and then laughing together in a park.

The BTS “ARMY” was anticipating one of Jungkook’s videos following news of their trip and he did not disappoint. They took to Twitter to share their appreciation for his talent.

Jungkook began a film and music studio called G.C.F, short for Golden Closet Film which comes from his nickname, Golden Maknae. He has released videos from the band’s trips to the U.S., Tokyo, Osaka, Saipan and more.

You can watch the full “G.C.F in Helsinki” video up top.