There has been plenty of bad blood between Mary Jo Eustace and ex-husband Dean McDermott over the years, beginning when he left her for “BH90210” star Tori Spelling and the ensuing legal battles over his financial child-support obligations.

However, Eustace and McDermott have buried the hatchet, and now she and Spelling are both sharing photos in which t celebrate the holidays with their blended family.

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“Something good came out of 2019…” Spelling wrote in on Instagram, accompanying a photo of her and Eustace posing for a selfie. “Fourteen years ago I never thought this pic would ever happen . Society tells us ex’s can’t be friends. Society SUCKS! I truly enjoy this new friendship I’ve formed with my hubby’s ex @maryjoeustace . And, tonight we started a new blended family tradition celebrating the holidays 🎄together.”

Eustace shared the same photo on her Instagram page.

In a recent edition of his “Daddy Issues” podcast, McDermott explained the thaw in his relationship with his ex after years of animosity, reports People.

“We hadn’t talked in over three years,” McDermott said of his ex, revealing that it was their son’s milestone birthday celebration that set the stage for a reconciliation.

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“Our son Jack turned 21, so he came into town from San Francisco with some of his friends, and we went and had a lovely dinner,” said McDermott, explaining that Spelling and Eustace then began texting each other.

“Through all this it started this dialogue, and the dialogue got friendlier and friendlier,” he said. “Cut to Friday night at the restaurant, Tori sits down, Mary Jo is to her left, I am to the right of Tori. Tori turns her back on me the whole night, turns into Mary Jo, and that is when the lovefest began.”

Eustace shared a photo from that evening on Instagram:

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