As the year wraps up, out come the lists summing up the past 12 months.

Since 1979, Tim O’Donovan has tallied the engagements undertaken by senior members of the Royal Family from the Court Circular for The Times. And that list is now here.

In 2019, Prince Charles overtook his sister Princess Anne for the most amount of engagements–521 in total.

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The Princess Royal was only just behind at 506.

Since Prince Philip’s retirement and Queen Elizabeth cutting back on her public duties, other royals have stepped up. The ageing monarch was still at an impressive 295 engagements, particularly when you consider she is 93 and still has her other duties like checking her Red Boxes.

Prince Andrew had the lowest amount engagements in 20 years, partly due to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and charities distancing themselves from the prince. Next year, that number is expected to be zero.

Despite Prince Harry taking a six-week leave at the end of the year, he still has his second-highest amount of engagements since becoming a full-time working royal at 201. The Duchess of Sussex, who was also on maternity leave, is at 83.

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Prince William has undertaken 220 while Duchess Kate is at 126.

REUTERS/Phil Noble
REUTERS/Phil Noble

In total, the royal family undertook a total of 3,567 engagements.

The younger royals are often criticized for having fewer events in a year, but what the list doesn’t take into account is how the charities are affected by the visits. Kate or Meghan might not be at as many events but the time both of the duchesses take behind-the-scenes has been praised as being more beneficial.