Amy Schumer Gifts Her Terrifying Doll To Gene

Amy Schumer is passing one of her beloved childhood toys onto her son, Gene.

A parent gifting a toy isn’t unusual, but this stuffed animal takes it to a new level.

On Saturday, the comedian passed down Pokey, which can only be described as terrifying.

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“Pokey has been scaring children since 1948,” Schumer captioned two photos. One of her as a girl with the doll and one of Gene.

It isn’t the first time Schumer has brought up Pokey, the creature was also spoken about in her book The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo.

Schumer described that Pokey previously belonged to her mother.

“She has, without fail, scared the s**t out of every single boyfriend I’ve brought around,” she wrote. Schumer added that she also had to promise to leave Pokey at home if she was invited to a sleepover.

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“She’s been described as the bride of Chucky and also a nightmare machine. But I don’t see her that way. I love her and still put her arm around my neck when I need comfort, just like I did when I was a little girl,” she added at the time. “Also I’m not sure Pokey is a chick but I do know that I have stained her with enough tears to change her colour. She—or he, or it—has gotten me through it all.”

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