David Lee Roth’s private phone number nearly ruined the marriage of a couple he had never even met.

The bizarre story was told by writer Nancy French in a piece for the Washington Post, revealing that it all started when she was 20 and married a man named David after a whirlwind romance that led her friends and family to worry how much she really knew about her new husband.

As French writes, she dismissed those concerns until they moved to New York City and mysterious calls began flooding into their phone — usually women asking to speak to David.

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Her husband insisted he didn’t know these women, and that the calls must have been wrong numbers. But as the calls kept coming, French began to suspect her husband was living a double life.

The mystery was finally solved when a man called the number asking to speak to David, growing irate when she wouldn’t produce him.

“What’s really going on?” she asked the man on the other end of the phone. “Wrong numbers usually don’t ask for you by name.”

“All work should go through me,” he said, telling her he would be right over. “Don’t talk to anyone. We have to fix this,” he said, asking, “Are you… pregnant? Expecting a little David Lee? A kid will really hurt our comeback.”

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It was then, she explained, that it all came together when she figured out “David Lee” must have been Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth. The man on the other end of the phone, she learned, was the singer’s manager — who also hadn’t been given the new number.

“There’d been a big mix-up,” French wrote. “Apparently, the rock star had changed his number right before we moved to Manhattan but still gave out his old number to women he met but wanted to let down easily. Later that year, he appeared on MTV with Van Halen. When rumours of them getting back together started flying, our phone rang with congratulations and invitations to exclusive parties.”

That was how, she explained, “for a brief period of time we became David Lee Roth’s answering service and romantic liaison.”

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