“Guardians of the Galaxy” fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about Yondu coming back to life.

The character, played by Michael Rooker, appeared in both of the first films in the franchise, meeting his tragic end in “Vol. 2”.

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This week, director James Gunn took fan questions on his Instagram account, and was asked if there was any possibility of future instalments bringing Yondu back, ComicBook.com reported.

“Not to life no,” Gunn responded. “If a character dies in my films they will likely stay dead. I think stakes are important.”

The response did leave open the possibility that Yondu might still appear in future “Guardians” or Marvel films, perhaps in a flashback.

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The director, who is currently at work on “The Suicide Squad”, was also asked whether the character of Harley Quinn will be seen wearing the same outfit as in the first film.

“Nope,” Gunn responded.