Eva Amurri Martino is opening up about a very “stressful” time in her life.

The actress, 34, and daughter to Susan Sarandon, took to her Instagram stories to vent about her divorce from Kyle Martino, her third pregnancy and a potential Gestational Diabetes diagnosis.

She began by explaining she’s been absent from the social media platform, as she is “trying to take some time off and spend some time with my kids.”

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“The other reason is this is an extremely stressful time for me. Kyle are in the last mile of our divorce process and so we are doing a lot of the logistical-nightmare aspects of it,” Amurri Martino added. “So we’ve been spending all day today changing all the utilities into my name and putting them on new payments and all that kinda stuff, which is never fun. It’s basically like moving all over again.”

Photo: Eva Amurri/Instagram
Photo: Eva Amurri/Instagram

But the stress didn’t end there, “And I’ve had to tell about 20 people today that I’m getting divorced, which is not something that’s so fun to tell a stranger over and over again,” she added. “So I’m definitely in the real-life hard part of that.”

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“On top of that,” continued Amurri Martino. “I just found out that I actually failed my first screener for gestational diabetes, so that was a big shock to me.”

“I passed this first one-hour one with both of my other pregnancies, so now I’m taking the three-hour test tomorrow and I’m more shaken up about it than I expected to be,” she explained. “I’m feeling so overwhelmed that the idea of dealing with gestational diabetes on top of everything else is really putting me over the edge.”

The former couple, who are expecting their third child together, announced the news of their split in November. They also share son Major James, 3, and daughter Marlowe Mae, 5.

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