Damon Dash Insists Aaliyah Wanted R. Kelly To Stay The ‘F**k Away’ From Her After Marriage Annulment

Damon Dash speaks about Aaliyah’s reaction to her split from R. Kelly in a new clip from the upcoming Lifetime documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning”.

Dash dated Aaliyah, who died in a plane crash in August 2001 at 22, after she broke up with Kelly. Kelly was 27 years old when he was thought to have married the late star, who was 15 at the time, in 1994.

In a clip shared by TMZ, Dash says of the annulment, which occurred months after the marriage due to Aaliyah’s age: “Aaliyah was like, the sacrificial lamb for all that ’cause she didn’t deserve none of that.

“Good soul. Good girl and wasn’t even so resentful like, ‘Let that man live but just keep him the f**k away from me.’ That’s all she wanted. She was just happy to be away.”

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He adds, “And you know, I know the whole story. You know what I’m sayin’? I know it was the coverup and all of that. But how did that cover it up? It just made the conversation, ‘Oh, he married a child?’ So how you still—that was a headline!

“That was like, a rumour. That was something talked about like it was normal. It wasn’t like, ‘Ew disgusting, you married a 13-year-old.’ It was like, ‘Oh, he married Aaliyah?’ She’s 13!”

Dash continues, as the interviewer points out Aaliyah was 15: “I don’t have to be accurate ’cause I don’t care. 15, 13, anything under 18 is disgusting, you know what I mean? That’s still a child.”

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Kelly and Aaliyah long denied that they had ever gotten married. However, their illegitimate marriage was legally annulled by a judge in Michigan at the request of Aaliyah’s parents in February 1995.

TMZ also talks to R. Kelly’s former tour manager Demetrius Smith, who got Aaliyah a fake ID before the wedding. See more in the clip below.

Kelly, who has denied all charges and allegations that have been brought against him, was arrested in Chicago in July, and faces four different sets of charges in three separate states. He is currently in jail in Illinois. His trial in Brooklyn is scheduled to commence in May.

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