‘Star Wars’ Fans Want To See J.J. Abram’s Uncut Version Of ‘Rise Of Skywalker’

There are some “Star Wars” fans who want more than what they got in “Rise of Skywalker”.

A viral Reddit post accuses Disney of rushing production on the latest entry into the “Star Wars” saga. The post claims that Disney tried to complicate the rollout of “Rise of Skywalker” to sabotage Abrams’ reputation amid a lucrative contract with Warner Bros.

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“WB [Warner Bros.] wants Abrams for some DC projects. My source said that this generation’s Star Wars is the MCU, and Marvel’s biggest threat is a well operational DC,” Reddit user EgoShoppe wrote. “They want to keep DC in the limbo that they’re in right now.”

“Abrams jumpstarting that franchise with something like a successful, audience-pleasing Superman movie makes them nervous,” the post added. “Their goal is to make JJ look bad to potential investors/shareholders.”

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The post suggests that a longer cut of “Rise of Skywalker”, running a touch over three hours, featured more “quiet moments of reflection” from Rey and Kylo Ren, as well as Force Ghost cameos by Hayden Christensen, Ewan McGregor and Samuel L. Jackson.

The rumoured sabotage of “Rise of Skywalker” has sparked the Twitter trend, “#ReleaseTheJJCut.”

Disney has yet to respond to the rumour.

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