Anyone who’s watched Adam Sandler’s critically praised performance in “Uncut Gems” and thought there was a lot of profanity in the film is not wrong.

According to the website Screen It, which reviews films for parents, “Uncut Gems” boasts an impressive 408 F-bombs; given the film’s 135-minute running time, this translates to roughly three per minute.

According to Wikipedia’s “List of films that most frequently use the word ‘f**k,'” “Uncut Gems” lands in seventh place, coming in just behind Martin Scorsese’s “Casino” and its 422 F-bombs (Scorsese handily beat his own record by using the word 569 times in “The Wolf of Wall Street”).

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As for the all-time F-bomb champ, that honour goes to “Swearnet: The Movie”, a Netflix offering from “Trailer Park Boys” stars Mike Smith, John Paul Tremblay and Robb Wells, boasting a chart-topping 935 F-bombs.

“Uncut Gems” is in theatres now.