Jameela Jamil Cancels Candace Owens’ Podcast Appearance Following Transgender Twitter Comments

Jameela Jamil is taking a stand against Candance Owens.

The “Good Place” actress uninvited the conservative commentator from appearing on her podcast Thursday after Owens made some “inciting hatred” comments about a transgender couple on Twitter.

It all kicked off on Sunday when Owens retweeted a link to a Daily Mirror article with the headline: “Transgender man gives birth to non-binary partner’s baby with female sperm donor.”

“Woman gives birth to partner’s baby with male sperm donor,” Owens offered in response to the article. “There. I fixed it for you.”

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But when Jamil caught wind of her tweet, the actress claimed Owens completely ignored the parents’ gender identities.

“OR… Nice to see a young couple in love, have a happy little baby,” wrote Jamil. “Their gender is none of my business, worrying about it and mocking them is a pointless waste of time, (it’s just bullying) and they are hurting nobody. I wish them well. There I fixed it for you.”

Owens later fired back: “LOL ‘only women can get pregnant and only men can impregnate them’ is now considered a form of bullying. @jameelajamil — keep us posted when 2+2=4 becomes a form of bullying as well.”

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After receiving more backlash online, Owens took to the social media platform once again but this time she shared a screenshot of a text message from Jamil, revoking her invitation to appear on the podcast.

“Gina, Sorry. We have a trans people working with us. I can’t have candace on the podcast anymore,” the text read. “You are both free to say whatever you like about this publicly. I’m sure you will have an entertaining spin. But nothing is worth my friends and coworkers feeling unsafe.”

“SAD TO ANNOUNCE that Jameela Jamil has revoked my invitation to her podcast because I tweeted ‘only women can give birth’. Apparently the statement made her trans co-workers feel ‘unsafe’,” Owen captioned the screenshot. “My refusal to untether myself from biological realities has cost me, yet again. SAD!”

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