Ron Howard Blasts Donald Trump As A ‘Self-Serving, Dishonest, Morally Bankrupt Egomaniac’

It’s a pretty safe bet that when Ron Howard casts his vote in November’s U.S. presidential election, it won’t be for Donald Trump.

The acclaimed director of such films as “The Da Vinci Code” and “Splash” was taking questions from fans on Twitter, with one asking “why is the smallest of achievements heralded as better than the second coming of Jesus when it comes to Obama, but with Trump it is only negativity from Hollywood & Democrats?”

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Howard did not hold back, responding by sharing his scathing opinion of America’s 45th president.

“In the entertainment industry many who have known/worked w/ Trump think that while his reality show was fun and ran a long time, he’s a self-serving, dishonest, morally bankrupt ego maniac who doesn’t care about anything or anyone but his Fame & bank account & is hustling the US,” Howard, 65, responded.

Howard was then posed a followup from a Twitter user who expressed a belief that “Hollywood is a collection of amoral elitists who hate average Americans.”

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Howard begged to differ, writing, “honestly not what I’ve seen or felt throughout my lifetime from the vast majority of people in the entertainment business. In fact, I gotta say it’s the opposite. Most are not from LA or NY to begin with. Now Trump is both an elite and a reality show star.”

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