Police reportedly detained YouTuber Lia Marie Johnson after fans became worried about her well-being.

On Thursday, the star was livestreaming and acting very erratically which included kissing a man off-screen who some say is her producer.

He could be heard saying, “Are you on Instagram? No, you’re not – you can’t be on Instagram. Are you really on Instagram? Because that would be bad.”

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The man took away her phone, saying he was “hijacking” it and turned it off. She eventually got the phone back and started live streaming again, before the man once again said that she had to stop “because it will affect my work. Please, turn it off.”

Johnson asked her followers to “not send the f*cking police to my f*cking address” but they didn’t listen because the police showed up.

Later in the day, Johnson returned to livestreaming to share what happened.

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“The cops showed up and detained me, put cuffs on my hands,” she said. “So, I would really appreciate it if everyone …stopped worrying so much. There’s no reason to worry, I’m okay. I just want to be left alone.”

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that fans have been worried about Johnson. On Dec. 24, the YouTuber expressed a worrying range of emotions.