Oprah Winfrey wants everyone to take some time to focus on themselves.

The media mogul appeared on the “Today” show Friday morning to announce the launch of Oprah’s “2020 Vision” tour, for which she will hit the road across America in partnership with WW.

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The tour will feature celebrity guests, leaders, and wellness experts to help people create lasting change in their lives.

Explaining the reason for her tour, Winfrey told “Today” anchor Jenna Bush, “I’m also worried about the state of where we are. How can you live in this world and not be? But I believe that each person has the opportunity to offer the gift of their own higher level of consciousness. You can only heal the world when you are healed yourself.”

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She also opened up about exercise and how important it is despite never wanting to do it.

“Here’s the thing about exercise, I still hate it so much,” she said, “but I do it.”

Finally, given rumours last year that Winfrey might throw her hat into the U.S. presidential race, Bush asked if she plans to get involved at all in other candidates’ campaigns.

“I’m waiting to see who presents themselves as a front-runner and whether or not I will then join forces with whomever that is,” Winfrey responded. “But right now, I’m really focused on mind, body, spirit.”