Robert Downey Jr. Talks Life After Iron Man, Reveals He Had ‘Plenty Of Rejection’ At The Start Of His Career

Robert Downey Jr. discusses the ups and downs of his career, the end of Iron Man, and more in a new interview with Parade.

The 54-year-old talks about the days when he was 17 and making $140 a week performing at the Geva Theatre in Rochester, New York.

He tells the mag, “I’m riding around on a 10-speed bike—it was like a $107 Panasonic, I think, and I could afford it ’cause it was bottom-tier.

“And I was listening on a Walkman to Phil Collins, just going, like, ‘Man, I’m really making something of my life here!’”

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Downey Jr., who is taking on the role of Dr. Dolittle in the upcoming flick, reveals how he did a lot of random jobs when he was younger alongside auditioning for roles and attending acting programs.

“I had plenty of rejection,” the star admits. However, he insists being raised in the city “makes you super-resilient.”

Downey Jr., who shares two kids — son Exton, 7, and daughter Avri, 5 — with his wife of 14 years, Susan, is then asked about saying goodbye to Iron Man after more than a decade.

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Insisting he doesn’t know if the character will ever rise again, the actor says: “The war for me is over.”

“I personally have alighted to greener pastures,” he adds.

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