Ryan Reynolds loves stirring up drama with his co-stars (ie. Hugh Jackman), and working with “Killing Eve”‘s Jodi Comer is has been no different.

In a hilarious promo for their upcoming action flick “Free Guy”, the co-stars sit down and chat about their characters and the challenges they faced bringing them to life on screen.

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But while Comer mentions Molotov Girl, a character who exists in both dimensions of the “Free Guy” world, a black label appears mentioning Comer’s Emmy and BAFTA awards, causing Reynolds to get a little worked up.

“I’m sorry,” the actor, 43, interrupts. “Do we really need to put the ‘Emmy winner’ thing there every time? Usually, it only appears at the beginning.”

He later adds, “No, no, it’s amazing. You’re amazing in ‘Killing Eve’ – like so good! But maybe we can super in one of my awards?”

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And that’s when the graphics have a little fun with the Canadian hearthrob, adding labels listing some of Reynolds’ “achievements” like, “Ryan Reynolds – Best Ensemble Cast Nominee (2009)”, “Ryan Reynolds – Sexiest Man Alive (2010)” and finally, “Ryan Reynolds – Best Kiss Nominee (2010)”, which to Reynolds is “not relevant at all.”

“Free Guy” hits big screens July 1.