Sometimes it is written in the stars.

How often is it that your first crush ends up being the person you marry? That is exactly what happened to “Queen & Slim” actress Jodie Turner-Smith.

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Turner-Smith recently revealed her first crush was the “Dawson’s Creek” character Pacey Witter. She later met and fell in love with the man that portrayed Witter, Joshua Jackson.

“It was Pacey from ‘Dawson’s Creek’!” she told W Magazine of her first crush. “I was a very young teenager. And now we are a couple.”

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Turner-Smith and Jackson have not publicly acknowledged their wedding or that they are expecting a child. However, when they made their red carpet debut, they both sported wedding rings.

“Queen & Slim” is directed by Lena Waithe and stars Jodie-Turner and Daniel Kaluuya. It premiered in theatres on Nov. 27 to positive reviews.